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Notice of penalties for carrying knives, guns or other weapons

Dear Student and Parent

Please read the following paragraphs, sign your names to indicate that you have read the contents and return this page to Leseding Training College.

With this notice, you are being made aware that there are laws prohibiting students from carrying knives, guns and other deadly or dangerous weapons while at the college.

A violator may be sentenced to a jail term or fined, or both, and shall be expelled from the college for the violation.

Security/College district employees may search students, their belongings, lockers and vehicles if a student is reasonably suspected of violating these laws.

Leseding Training College has a zero tolerance policy for weapons which provides for expulsion of students who are in possession of knives, guns or other items that threaten other students.


I have read and/or discussed the notice concerning the penalties for carrying knives, guns and other weapons with my son/daughter.

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